Fundraiser Form

Fundraiser Form

Dear fellow _________members,
Welcome to our fundraiser for -_______ Schoolai??i??s ______ Program! To raise funds, we are selling mugs from . The funds earned from this fundraiser will allow us to to buy new _____and_____.
These mugs are great! They are 100% hand-painted and are made by the wonderful artist, Lorrie Vesey! They are great birthday or holiday gifts available in all sorts of colors and designs; and they all have their own cheeky little sayings on the back! See examples at — they have everything youai??i??ll need and moreai??i?? They have even MORE mug selections to choose from for the fundraiser. If you order online, all you have to do is mention that youai??i??re representing ______ and the credit will go to our _________, under YOUR name, just like that!
In this packet you will find:

  • 15 Business cards for you to give your friends, family and others that are supporting our cause. This card will lead your buyers to the website, which will give them more information about our fundraiser and a wider selection of mugs to buy!
  • A brochure for you to show your buyers to get them interested in the mugs–Remember to hold on to the brochure! The brochure will be reused as you present our fundraiser to different people. If one of your buyers would like a copy, feel free to make a photocopy of it for them. As your buyers look at the website, remind them that they can always print out copies of the mugs with their printer.
  • A manila envelope to hold the contents of your kit. Attached to that envelope is a sign-up sheet. Just fill it out. Make sure that the checks are enclosed, and return it to ______on the _____ of _____ 2010.

You will notice that there are two kinds of sales available:
1. In Person: Using your order form, your friends and family can go on the website, tell you their selection and the item name. You will then collect the money and hand deliver the mug to these people.
2. By Mail: If you would like us to mail the mug, then all your friends and family need to do is pay for shipping through the website and we will mail it out to them the next day. This is a great opportunity for you to call your grandparents, cousins and other far-flung friends and encourage them to support our orchestra!
So, here’s the info that you’ll need to earn some stuff for our orchestra:
The Fundraiser

Anywhere you can find people that you know will want to support a deserving cause.
But, REMEMBER! ~Do NOT go door to door!
Itai??i??s easy as ABC:

Fill in the form with the name and number of the product
Make checks out to: my pet fairy godmother
In the comment section of your check, denote it to ______- with your name and your class period
Did I mention the fact that the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners get a musical gift card for great things like iTunes or_________?

Itai??i??s THAT easy!
So hurry and SELL, SELL, SELL,
and get your order in fast because quantities are limited!
Have fun!
Fundraiser Form- Word Doc
Fundraiser Form- PDF